mdi-wallet Wallet Management Credits currently can be used for:
  • Bulk data exports (thousands to hundres of thousands of records)
Credits will soon be used for:
  • Mass-deletion of records (avoid crypto fees)
  • Enrichment of your own data-sets (via CSV upload)
  • Exporting data from the visualization tool as CSV or Relational JSON
  • Any other resource intensive task

Of course, regular search will remain free, forever.
Your wallet ID is the key to your credits and exports. If you share it with someone, that person can use your credits. If you lose it, you lose your credits. Fill Close
New Export Exports are a way to download your data. You can export your data as a CSV file, or as a JSON file. The JSON file will be in a relational format, so you can easily import it into a database.

You can also export your data from the visualization tool as CSV or Relational JSON.
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Database Exports

Exports List Create a new export Copyright Illicit Services LTD. Telegram: @miyakoyako. By using this service you agree with the terms of use. Also, treat these downloads as "hot" storage, don't expect your download to stay up forever should MEGA delete it.